Are you looking for top smoked sausage recipes?

What’s kielbasa?

Here are a few very delicious kielbasa & smoked sausage recipes. Another name of kielbasa is Polish sausage; it is not an ordinary sausage that you might often eat.

So, if you are someone who has not yet tried kielbasa you first need to know where to buy kielbasa before you can enjoy a tasty and versatile smoked sausage.

You can use it to the accompaniment of main dish recipes such as appetizers, stews, soups, sandwiches and so on.

A delicious breakfast

Do you want to have delicious breakfast? If so, you should give this thinly sliced and fried food. Please note that all that is being prescribed or claimed here is subject to the condition that you know where to buy kielbasa.

It can be serviced with pancake, toast, and eggs etc. People who use patties or sausage can add this dish to their favorite breakfast casserole. (more…)